Best Eggs Benedict in NYC (apparently)

While I was in New York, I missed Sunday Funday with Allie and couldn’t continue our search for the Best Breakfast. BUT, Emily had heard about a restaurant in New York City that apparently had the best Eggs Benedict! So, you didn’t have to tell me twice…we headed right on over to Balthazar to try it out for ourselves.




And the verdict…Pretty amazing! It certainly was one of the best Eggs Benedicts I have ever tasted. The Hollandaise sauce was perfectly creamy with a kick of something that made it a tad spicy…just how I like it! And while it wasn’t a thick piece of ham the way I like it to be, they did put a couple pieces of thin ham so it did make up for it. They toasted and buttered the english muffin…so so so delicious!


The Hazlenut Sour Cream waffles were also pretty amazing! I’m kind of loving sour cream on things sweet like the blueberry sour cream pancakes from The Griddle.


This Egg Pastry dish was to die for too!


And the service was impeccable. Seriously, the chefs were so fast. So fast. I can’t even describe it.

Since I didn’t have enough time to taste Eggs Benedict at any other restaurant in New York City, I’ll just go ahead and take Emily’s friend’s word for it and say it was the best Eggs Benedict in NYC!!



^^Look it’s not Flat Stanley…but Flat Allie!

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