A Cathedral and Chocolate

We have a full week of orientation before class starts and that makes me so happy for a few reasons. 1. I don’t have school for another week. (I sometimes keep forgetting that I’m here for school…but don’t worry it will slap me square in the face on Thursday morning.) 2. It gives us time to get to know our city a bit and settle in. And 3. We have all really been getting to know each other well and we are sort of already becoming a family. I just really love it. It’s only been one day and I can only imagine how much closer we will all become. Ah, it makes me so excited!

On our first day we were introduced to the staff, we filled out forms, and we discussed some of the Swiss culture (like it’s best not to smile at people passing you on the sidewalk unless you have the intention to talk to them – they interpret it as invading their personal space, and therefore find it rude). After that, we all walked through town to the cathedral, where our history professor gave us a tour. It was such a beautiful day outside, so all of the light pouring in through the windows made it even more stunning. The architecture is just to die for.







And on the way back through town, we stopped at a little café to get hot chocolate (In case you didn’t know, the Swiss are known for their chocolate. So, I knew it was going to be good!) The hot chocolate was basically a consistency of melted chocolate! Doesn’t that just sound to die for? I heard it was amazing from those brave souls who ordered the hot version when it was about 80 degrees outside. I chose to go with the cold chocolate, which was quite refreshing! I know I’ll be back there lots for some of their hot chocolate when it gets cold outside. And I am so ready for the day that it starts to get cold…bring it on, Switzerland!!




So far, I am loving every minute of being here! I’ve been told it’s likely that I will face some serious culture shock in the near future…but I’m really enjoying the fact that I love it here. So, pretty please, cross your fingers for me that I don’t suffer too badly from it!


  1. It all looks so beautiful I’m thrilled to know your enjoying it. I think its gonna be hard for you not to smile at the strangers walking by because that comes so natural to you. Keep the blogs coming I love them!xxoo

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