Groom-zilla Part II

Happy Tuesday!

 Last week I presented you with a post about a Groom-zilla, namely ME!  I was married on Nantucket last year and I was very detailed in my planning.  In case you missed it, here it is: Groom-Zilla Part I

Today, I will share two other areas of our wedding that MIGHT remind you of that large dinosaur-like creature that terrorized Tokyo.



Have you ever asked your friend what they think of your outfit and they answered, “It’s a little matchy-matchy!”  This basically means they don’t like it because it all matches too perfectly.  Well, I would never say this to you because I LOVE when everything matches perfectly.

Our Wedding festivities began with a themed Welcome Party.  My husband and I met in college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, so we planned an old-fashioned college house party.  Everything was red and white, our alma mater’s school colors. There were red roses everywhere, red and white picture frames, red and white cake pops for dessert and YES!  you guessed it, we asked everyone to wear Red and White!



The Welcome Party paid tribute to where we met, so the next day “The Rehearsal Dinner” honored the place we decided to get married!  We had a very traditional Nantucket picnic by the beach complete with navy blue and white stripes, picnic baskets, white hydrangeas and other nautical details.  And again, everything was “matchy matchy” because everyone wore something blue or nautically inspired :)



Judging me yet?  Color coordinating may seem over the top and I will agree with you!  Someone asked one of our grooms maids what she was wearing for the welcome party and she responded, “My outfits were decided for me 12 months ago!”

But, WAIT! The most Groom-zilla moment is yet to come!


I have a question… Who is the first person in history to come up with the concept of bridesmaid dresses?  Who thought it would be a good idea to have ONE person pick out ONE dress for all of their friends?  It must have been a straight man…  I would like to travel back in time and have a few words with him.

I would like to start by saying I TRIED to be easy about this in the beginning.  But what I should have realized and what I am sure most of you readers have figured out by now is easy-going is not necessarily an adjective used to describe “Tuesdays With Tim!”

Let me paint you the picture.  We had 13 girls in our wedding party!  7 on my side, 6 on my husbands.  13!!!!!  Of all different heights, shapes and styles.  I wanted everyone to like and be comfortable in their dress so, I said “Get a white dress!” Summery, formal, and bright white!”  Then I changed my mind… I said to myself “That will never match!”

So I picked out options of white dresses online.  Then I changed my mind…

I found a white dress in different styles from a bridesmaid dress designer, but changed my mind because I would not get to see them before we ordered and I also decided I hated them.

I was back to “Pick a white dress!

  Since all the girls lived all over the U.S., I didn’t get to see some of the dresses together until about a month before the wedding.  This is what I saw!


Well, needless to say… This wasn’t going to work out!  However, if you remember from Groom-zilla Part I, my friends came up with a code.  “D.T.T” or “Don’t Tell Tim,” which they used when anything had the potential to go wrong.  No one would tell me this looked as bad as it did!  Not even my future spouse!  It was a month until the wedding!!!  It was my own fault!  Of course, all the different white dresses were not going to match!   It all worked out in the end though.  We found a beautiful white dress in two styles.  We survived what our wedding party liked to call, “The White Dress Diaries” and to this day I still cringe when I see a white dress!


In closing,  I am a genuinely good guy.  I hope these Groom-zilla posts haven’t made you blog readers despise “Tuesdays with Tim.”  If you have any Bridezilla or Groomzilla moments please share them with me to make me feel better!   If you have planned a wedding, you might find out that you will fixate on some details. As you have found out from these posts, I  fixated on many, but at the wedding, I truly enjoyed the day for what it was all about!  Marrying the love of my life in front of family and friends, no matter what color we were all wearing. ;)

BUT, I will leave you with one more glimpse into the twisted mind of this Groom-zilla.  We were married the weekend before Fourth of July and through-out the three days of wedding events, the wedding party wore

RED,                                        WHITE,                               and BLUE!



See you next Tuesday!


  1. Bristol Hibbert :

    This is my FaVORIte!!!!!!

  2. This is hysterical – so good!! I love Tuesdays with Tim!!

  3. auntie joanie :

    Despise—– Tuesday with Tim—–not now—– not ever……. I loved the blog! and laughed myself silly.

  4. Lori Ehrenberg :

    Tim might think he was a GROOM-ZILLA, but does he know how to plan a perfect wedding! Everything was perfect and it was wonderful to witness such a loving couple unite. The whole weekend was amazing!! Thanks for reminding me of the special memories we all have that attended.

  5. You did a great job! Right down to the thank you notes, which were printed with beautiful photos of you handsome fellas from your nuptuals and then handwritten so thoughtfully. Amazing attention to detail! Keep the posts coming!


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