Hannah’s Birthday Celebration Continues!

I woke up bright and early on Tuesday morning (Hannah’s birthday) and managed to gather all of my belongings…my backpack, my outfit, my blowdryer, toothbrush, makeup, and everything else I needed to get ready for the day…and take them outside of our room without waking Hannah. I don’t know how she didn’t wake up because I wasn’t as quiet as I intended to be. I had to take everything out of my room because after we finished what the girls and I had planned, I wouldn’t be able to get back inside my room.

I met the girls in the stairwell to our suite and we got straight to work. Cutting plastic bags and blowing up balloons…lots of balloons!



Then, we taped the plastic bags across Hannah’s door and stuffed the balloons between the plastic and her door.



This is what we call a BALLOON AVALANCHE! When Hannah opened the door, all of the balloons fell on her and made for a great kick off to the day!


Then, it was time to get ready and we all had class. Boo. Hannah even had a midterm on her birthday. Double boo.

Hannah has a tradition in her family to decorate the entire house with these signs made by each person in the family for someone’s birthday. And we decided to bring the tradition to Pepperdine! When Hannah’s mum was in town, she left the signs with me. While she was in class, I put up signs all around the room that her family had made her.






A little bit later in the day, Natalie and I gave her a birthday present of two silver stacking rings. (Hannah had never had a ring but told us a while ago that she wanted one she could wear everyday)


To end the birthday celebration with a bang, Natalie, Hannah, and I rented a car and drove into LA for Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream!

They’re creations really are amazing and almost worth dying for. Natalie was a plain jane and picked vanilla ice cream between a red velvet cupcake tops. Hannah chose red velvet ice cream between dark chocolate cupcake tops. And I always have the toughest time making up my mind. I couldn’t figure out what flavor of ice cream I wanted or if I wanted it in a cone or a cookie sandwich. It was too hard! But, I finally ended up going with the banana ice cream and the salted oatmeal cornflake cookie sandwich. And I do not regret it one bit…it was absolutely delicious.




^^I think Natalie is just a little bit excited about her Sprinkles Ice Cream!



^^These two waited patiently while I took forever to decide



^^My beautiful creation



^^We love you more than you know!

While we were there, we picked up some cupcakes (courtesy of Hannah’s sweet mum – thank you a million) to take back to the dorms for a little suite party!





We sure do love birthdays around here!


  1. What a fun day!! You girls are just the cutest college kids I’ve ever seen! Caroline too bad your bday is in July.

  2. Ellie Belly Fo Felly :

    you mean to say you didn’t get a cupcake with extra frosting at sprinkles cupcakes?? they’re your fave!

  3. Linda Wolverton :

    Caroline you are such a doll!! Thank you again for making Hannah feel so special on her first birthday away from home AND for blogging about it so I could see what I missed. You’re an amazing friend and a spectacular young lady. Xoxoxoxox

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