Happy Birthday Allie

Allie's Birthday 12

Yesterday was Allie’s 26th birthday!! She keeps saying that age 26 sounds so old. And when my mom tells her that she had two babies at her age…it does sound pretty old! Also, when you compare her age to mine, it does sound pretty old! But, despite how the age sounds, I think she is closer to the picture on the left at heart. And that is one of the many reasons why we love her so much!

We started off the day with a walk (while our mom began getting ready).

Allie's Birthday 1

Then, of course, we had to go to BLD for breakfast so she could eat the best blueberry pancakes!

Allie's Birthday 3

Allie's Birthday 4

Allie's Birthday 5

And, then, we did lots of shopping!


Allie's Birthday

Allie's Birthday 2


Allie's Birthday 6

Allie's Birthday 7

Allie's Birthday 8

Allie's Birthday 9


Allie's Birthday 11

Allie's Birthday 10

And many more shops after these too!

Once we felt like we were about to drop, we headed over to Mozza for dinner! It is one of Mario Batali’s famous restaurants and everything we ate was so wonderfully tasty! That Mario knows what he is doing. (Unfortunately, none of the pictures from dinner turned out…forgive me? I’ll tell you what we had so that your imagination can create more beautiful pictures!)

First Course

Allison – Butter Lettuce, with bacon, gorgonzola dolce, hazelnuts and egg

Mom – Little Gem Lettuce, with asparagus, peas, walnuts and pecorino

Emily – Roasted cauliflower and red onion with mint yogurt

Me – Insalata Mista

Second Course

Allison – Burricotta with radicchio, spiced walnuts, honey and fried rosemary

Mom – Burrata with grilled asparagus, brown butter, guanciale and almonds

Emily – Burrata with grilled asparagus, brown butter, guanciale and almonds

Me – Buffalo Mozzarella and Crostini with pesto, salsa romesco, tapenade, and caperberry relish


Third Course

Allison – Garganelli with ragú Bolognese

Mom – Orecchiette with sausage and Swiss chard

Emily – Bucatini all’ Amatriciana

Me – Tagliatelle with lamb ragu, olives, and mint

Doesn’t it all sound divine?? I probably could have picked anything on the menu and it would have been delicious. I was so impressed. And very full by the end of the meal! We all felt like we were in a food coma!

We had such a fun day and we were all so happy to be together to celebrate Allie’s birthday! (We missed you, Dad!)

Allie's Birthday 14


  1. glad allie liked the pancakes i sent her!

  2. I was so happy that I was able to be in LA to celebrate with everyone!

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