Happy Halloween!


Halloween isn’t really a thing in Europe. There are halloween parties people throw (kind of similarly to how Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo), but there isn’t trick-or-treating. There aren’t costume stores. There aren’t haunted houses. It’s just not celebrated to the extent that Americans celebrate Halloween! Which is a bummer. I think they should jump on this bandwagon. (Also, they should jump on the band wagon of air conditioning!! But that is another story for another time.) It’s always so much fun to dress up and who doesn’t want an excuse to eat lots of candy? So, our Student Activities Committee in Lausanne put together a Halloween party in the house so us Americans wouldn’t be deprived of the holiday celebrations! They gave us two days to come up with a costume…and with no costume stores, it proves to be pretty difficult! However, after Hannah and I stared in our closets trying to come up with something. We eventually came up with this….


^^”Party Time! Excellent!”

Now that we got all dressed up… we were ready for trick-or-treating and trick-or-treaters. We took turns going to different floors of the house to collect our candy. And in Switzerland we give out Toblerones!



Everyone did a surprisingly good job at coming up with costumes so last minute!


Then, we all headed downstairs to dance, play murder mystery, eat lots of yummy treats, and take pictures in our makeshift photobooth. But before we could get to all that fun…we had to walk through the Haunted House. People jumping out and yelling at me doesn’t scare me too badly…but people laying on the floor grabbing my feet in the pitch-black dark will get me to scream. (Confession: I leap onto my bed at night because I’m still afraid of those people that will reach out from under my bed and grab my feet, Sixth Sense style. Worst nightmare. My heart is racing just thinking about it.) We decided to just run through so that they couldn’t torment us too much!


^^This is Robbie. Robbie is the one who lied on the floor and grabbed my feet! After the haunted house…he became our DJ for the dance party (hence the headphones).




Garth and I had the best time! And we may or may not have come in 2nd place for best costume :)

And the night got even better because the RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES! Yes, I stayed up to watch every single second of that game (from 1am – 4:30am). There was nothing in this world that I would miss this game for. Not even sleep. Even if it meant I had to stand for the entire last two innings cause I was going to fall asleep sitting down. I love that team so much and I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a fan. Here’s to my boys (as Milly would say)!


  1. There was no “may”…we won second place! We gotta flaunt it while we still can & enjoy that sweet, sweet chocolate of victory.

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