Tradition – Family Gingerbread House Competition

All’s fair in love and gingerbread decorating competitions…

For the last few years, The Ott Family has been partaking in some good ole family competition during the holidays!  It started as a competition between me and Caroline, and now has expanded to the rest of the family!

We all get to start with a pre made Gingerbread House (because we all know how difficult it is to actually construct one from scratch… and we just want to get to the fun part – decorating).

* The Blank Canvas *

Gingerbread 1

* The Materials – Patty supplies us with lots of candy but you are allowed to bring your own secret supply! *

Gingerbread 2

Gingerbread 3

* The Teams *

Gingerbread 4

Team 1 – Patty, Emily and Diane

Gingerbread 5

Team 2 – Steve and Samantha

Gingerbread 6

Team 3 – Allison and Caroline

Gingerbread 7

Team 4 – Bill and Tom (always very secretive and opt for non traditional materials)


Gingerbread 8Team 1 – Milly and Grace Gingerbread House

Gingerbread 9Team 2 – Winter Wonderland with Santa’s sleigh parked out front!

Gingerbread 10Team 3 – Gingerbread Nativity Scene 

Gingerbread 11

Team 4 – “Gingerbread” Whaling Ship

* The Trophy *

Gingerbread 12

NOTE: This trophy was made by yours truly.

It was inspired by the Gellar Cup (FRIENDS Fans will know what I am talking about!).

So you are all probably wondering who won…Well, we all did!

I know, I know… It should have just been Team 3 with the Nutter Butter manger.

Which team would you have awarded the Ginger Cup to?


  1. Definitely Team Three! ;)


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