How To: Cut a Mango


One of the tricks I picked up while living in Australia was how to cut a mango!  It comes in handy all the time as mangoes are one of my favorite fruits.  They are oh so delicious and refreshing!  I know mangoes can be a little intimidating, like lychee fruits or pomegranates.  You take one look at them and think, “how in the world are you supposed to eat that!?!”.

Well, I have no clue about pomegranates but I do know about mangoes!  Let me show you how I learned to eat a mango!


First, you select your mango.

TIP: The little champagne mangoes are the best!  You want them to be soft but firm… does that even make sense!?  You don’t want them to be too hard or too soft!  You want them to be just right.  Smooth, soft and firm.  Ok, enough of that.

So you take the mango and stand it up on its side.  Then you slice down on either side of the mango seed.  You will have 2 mango halves full of mango fruit and then the mango seed center that has a little mango fruit around the outside.


Next step, take the mango halves and gently slice lines lengthwise and crosswise.  Making small squares!  WARNING:  Do not push down too hard!  You do not want to pierce through the skin of the mango!!  Run the knife up against the mango skin but not cutting through.


 And then push the center of the mango skin up… Flipping out all the little squares!


Now it’s finally time to ENJOY!! Bite those little mango squares off!


 Be sure to have a napkin handy because mangoes can be very juicy!

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