Sunday Funday at The Beverly Hills Hotel

“Her recommendations for a campsite were totally unsuitable. There were no outlets. And there was dirt, and bugs, and… and it rains there. So anyway, we’ve found a place that’s much more us: the Beverly Hills Hotel.”

 – Phyllis, Troop Beverly Hills

Caroline and I went to the Beverly Hills Hotel last Sunday for a lovely brunch, as a part of our Quest for the Best Breakfast in Los Angeles. You can check what we had for breakfast out on her blog.  The Beverly Hills Hotel is a legendary spot in the BH.  It has been officially named Beverly Hills first Historic Landmark.  Her nickname: The “Pink Palace”.


BH 2editededited

BH front deskedited

BH Step and Repeatedited

^ Workin’ the little step and repeat!

BH sunglassesedited

^ Caroline on the Red Carpet.  Flirtin’ with the camera.  Why didn’t I get that tall model body, Mom??

BH 4 square pooledited

^On our way to the pool area!

BH 4 squareedited

^ Bungalows!! Bungalow is such a fun word to say. Say it. See, it’s fun!


I tried to find some good gossip stories about the Beverly Hills Hotel but I couldn’t find any!  I guess, “What happens at the BH Hotel, stays at the BH Hotel”.  If only those Bungalow walls could talk….


  1. I love it! Let’s go next week! xo

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