March Madness

I’m in the middle of March Madness!!  Even though my March Madness has nothing to do with basketball, I feel like I’m playing a basketball game right now.  I’m juggling so many moving parts and trying to fit everything in before that game clock goes off!

March is usually a pretty boring month for me.  The store is closed, the shows are over, Nantucket is quiet and cold and the only thing that keeps me busy are my daily visits to Stop & Shop so I can have some human contact.

This year, my March is pretty dang interesting!!  Steve and I are just back from Amanda and Nick’s ridiculously fun wedding weekend in Miami.  In a couple of days we are off to meet up with the rest of the Ott family in Europe!!

On top of all that there is a lot going on at the store.  We are painting, refinishing the floors and getting things ready for the upcoming season.  I’ve got Julia’s wedding shower to plan.  Plus, I’ve got the cutest little puppy that I need to spoil because I don’t want her to be sad when I leave her for the next couple of weeks.  (Let’s not even talk about it… I’m feeling so guilty!)

Here are some snaps from my first week of March Madness
This was Tuesday.  Yep it snowed again:marchmadnessAnd this was the sunset Tuesday night:
Marchmadness1 The sunset progression:marchmadness2 The beginning stages of my spiffy new floors (they are still going to be gray):Marchmadness3Off to Miami we go!! The hotel: marchmadness4a The beach:marchmadness5marchmadness4The Rehearsal Dinner:
rehearsaldinnerAmanda’s stunning family!  Her brother, (Amanda & Nick), her sisters Erika and Jessie:EpsteinsThe bridesmaids!  We wore Love Shack Fancy Dresses – we will be carrying this style dress at Milly & Grace this season (Photocred: Dani Epstein):bridesmaidsI’m sad to say that I didn’t get very many pictures – I was having way too much fun!!  (The photographer’s pictures are better anyway!) With Mrs. Godfrey and my main squeeze! Amanda&NickweddingMarch, I’m loving this change of pace!  Keep it up! xo



  1. Emily, it’s so fun to hear about what you’re up to! That sunset photo is incredible–and I thought we got good sunsets here in Santa Cruz! I hope you have a ton of fun in Europe! Love and miss you!!

  2. auntie joanie :

    Beautiful blog ,fantastic pictures that puppy dog is more than cute. March has been fabulous to you, and you to it keep us informed with pics of the family holiday. xo

  3. What gorgeous peeps! Love the flower wreaths and the dresses are beautiful. It looks like a beautiful wedding.

  4. I don’t mean to sound so desperate, but where did your friend, Mandi, get her stunning Rehearsal Dinner outfit? Thanks! xo

    • Hi Cara! The designer is Suno and she bought it on Net-a-Porter ages ago. I did a quick search for you but it looks like it is sold out. So sorry!! Maybe bring the picture to a dress maker! Good luck & thanks for reading the blog! xoxo

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