It’s that time of the school year again. Midterms. This week, I had two papers due already and three midterms await me. We got back from our school field trip to France on Friday night and when I woke up Saturday morning, I began the daunting studying process. My studying process for midterms or finals always begins with a meltdown. Some people break down in the midst of it all and some people break down at the end of it all and some people just power through without any sort of meltdown (if that’s you…please show me your ways!). But, my breakdown always comes at the beginning..when I’m looking at everything I have to do and have no idea where to even begin and can’t even imagine what it looks like to be on the other side of this week because it seems almost impossible to do everything I have to do. But, then after words of encouragement from my mom (what would I do with her!) I shake it off and realize they are only tests and that I just need to start somewhere. It doesn’t really matter where, just as long as I start. Then once I start, I have to take it day by day. And somehow I manage to pull myself together enough to survive midterms/finals week every time. This week is no different…I know I’ll survive. It just really sucks in the meantime. So, here’s to pulling myself together. Bring it on, midterms!


  1. Go Caroline!! You will make it through!!

  2. Thinking of you! You can do it!! xo

  3. Power through! You can do it!

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