Milly & Grace Buying Trip in New York 2014


Guess what?! I didn’t have to be back in Switzerland until today so that meant that I could tag along with my mom and Emily to New York! They were headed there to do the buying for the store. We are getting ready for the new season everyone! And there is lots to be excited about….new jewelry lines, new clothing lines (like FREE PEOPLE!), and some other fun things! We started off the trip with a cancelled flight that led us to catch the ferry because there is no other way off of Nantucket other than flying or ferrying. Once we got to the cape, there were no taxis because they were all running way behind schedule. Well, our travel plans stuck tight to a schedule because we had to make sure we caught each mode of transportation necessary. So, with no taxis in sight, we had to pull our suitcases through the snow on the streets of Hyannis all the way to the bus stop. Then, we jumped on the bus for a few hours. Hopped off and hopped on a train for another several hours. Until FINALLY, we arrived in NEW YORK! It’s one of the coolest cities ever. So. Much. Character. We love it! We ate lots of yummy food (including Pinkberry which we may or may not have eaten twice a day), shopped around, and then went to the shows to gather inventory. Check it out…

Sadly, my part of the New York trip was cut short because I had to catch a flight back to school. I’m in my room in Switzerland, my bags are unpacked, and everything is organized and ready to go for the second semester. Although, if I can be completely honest…my winter break feels like it went by way too fast and I wasn’t quite ready to come back to Switzerland yet. I know I have an amazing semester ahead of me, but right now, I’m just really missing my family and home lots.  I can’t wait for them to come visit me in March!


  1. so excited to see the new goods later this year. I’m already a little obsessed with the dress at the 2:16 mark. Enjoy the semester Caroline!

  2. Finally got to watch the video, it was awesome!!!!

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