Movie Review: We’re The Millers

Last night, my LA girls and I went to see “We’re The Millers“, starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis

Here is the trailer…

Going into it, we didn’t know what to expect.  It hadn’t received the best reviews.  We thought, well,  it’s either going to be a really stupid movie or a really funny movie!?  Luckily for us, it was the latter!


This movie had an amusing storyline, and was only inappropriate at times most of the time.  I mean it’s a movie about a bunch of misfits – a drug dealer, a stripper, a troubled teenage girl and a straight edged teenage boy, who disguise themselves as a family of four in a ruse designed to successfully smuggle drugs across the Mexican border… how could it not be inappropriate?!  The inappropriate was balanced out with sweet and touching moments, and it had a cute Hollywood ending as well.  “We’re The Millers” was hilarious!  A must see comedy! *

* I really have a hard time reviewing movies like this!  Of course it wasn’t the most intellectually or emotionally stimulating movie, but it was an easy going movie whose sole purpose is entertainment.  If you want a laugh… then go see it!

I do have two confessions…

jennifer-aniston and jason-sudeikis

1.  I have never been a big fan of Jennifer Aniston’s movies.  I, of course, LOVED her as Rachel in Friends.  She has always been Rachel to me.  I have never wanted to see her in anything else!  Well let me tell you, I absolutely LOVED her in this movie.  She was sweet and endearing as a “mother”, but also a little daring/edgy with her “stripper” side.  I was really rooting for her in the movie and I thought she did a great job.

2.  I totally have a little crush on Jason Sudeikis.  I see how he won Olivia Wilde over with his boyish looks and devilish charm!  He was a fantastic leading man.



  1. I loved this movie! It was SOOOO funny!

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