Movie Review – White House Down

I went to an advanced screening of this movie last week and had so much fun!


This movie is definitely a roller coaster ride!

Perfect for Summer and perfect for the Fourth of July weekend.

The audience (including myself) was cheering, clapping and on the edge of their seats… we were on this ride and didn’t know what was going to happen next!  I was expecting it to be extremely heavy, action movie but the humor cut the intensity and tension perfectly. Channing said in an interview that he, Jamie and the cast had such a playful chemistry and they had so much fun while filming that they kept having to remind themselves that this was an action/thriller and not a comedy! But I LOVED THE COMEDY!

I thought the casting was perfect.  I had a little crush on the main bad guy, Jason Clarke, who I recognized from Zero Dark Thirty.  I kept telling myself, “Um, Allison.  You are not supposed to like this guy.”  I think that is a sign of great casting.

I was beaming with American Pride while watching this movie!  Channing might have had something to do with that!


Channing has this natural ability and ease with which he delivers his lines.  He really is a great actor.  He tends to play the jock type that you might think has very little going upstairs, but he ends up proving us wrong with his smarts and practicality.  His heart and soul always shines through in his characters and he always comes out on top!

Channing and Joey

The little girl who plays Channing’s daughter, Joey King, was so amazing. What a talent.  She is one of those Dakota Fanning types that is way beyond her years.  And Jamie Foxx playing “Obama” was very funny.


There were times though, where I thought this would be really scary if this really happened to our country.  Nobody get any ideas!! So thank you to all our armed forces for keeping us safe!




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  1. auntie joanie :

    Haven’t been to a movie in such a long time however this blog makes me want to go see it. Nice job Allie!! XXOO

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