My Go To Healthy (and Easy) Snacks

I love food.  When I was younger, I would go to bed thinking about what I was going to have for breakfast the next morning, and then when I woke up, I would bug Patty about what we were going to have for dinner that night.  I also love to cook!  There is a home video of me (when I was 5) making an english muffin pizza and talking to the camera like I was filming a cooking show. Obsessed much? I think so.

As I have gotten older, and especially with the career path I have chosen (acting), I have had to learn how to make easy and healthy meals and snacks for myself.  I can’t make Macaroni and Cheese and English Muffin Pizzas every night.

What I have learned is that you have to really be prepared and have these easy snacks in your fridge, so that it’s easier for you to make good choices! (Yeah, Yeah, easier said than done.  I know.  It just has to become a habit.)

Inspired by Emily’s Easy Tips to Stay Healthy… Here are my 5 favorite “go to” snacks that I make sure to keep on hand!


First, this is going to sound crazy and not a “snack”, but it is a can of flavored sparkling water. What I’ve realized is that most of the times when I start to feel peckish, I really am just thirsty!  So before I grab food, I grab one of these and drink it straight from the can! There is something about popping open that can and throwing back that sparkling water that really hits the spot. I have tried all the flavors, but Lime is my favorite.  I sometimes have 2-3 a day!


Simple.  Don’t have to explain.  When they are really good, it’s like eating candy.


Easy.  120 calories.  0% fat.  Tastes like dessert.  I love the Cherry Pomegranate and Raspberry flavors.


First, I don’t know what is going on with my thumb in this picture.  Does this thin apple make my thumb look fat?

Moving on.  I only kinda like apples.  They aren’t my fave.  BUT when I slice them up thinly, I love them!  I don’t know why but it really makes a difference.  And if I am really hungry, I have this with a little scoop of peanut butter (duh, who doesn’t love apples and PB)!


Finally, this Sweet and Salty treat!  It’s Gluten Free!  110 calories per bag!  AND Guilt Free!  I love that it is already portioned out for you.  If they sold this in a big bag, I would eat the whole bag in one sitting.  These are good if you need a little bit more than healthy fruit or want to be a little more naughty ;)

And that’s it for now…  I will probably come up with some more ideas when I get bored with these!

  Until then, Happy Snacking!


  1. YUMMMMY! And good for you too!!

  2. Great choices, Allie!

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