My problems with Nantucket

I am back on the mainland.

If my life were a movie, the soundtrack to my trip home would have been that En Vogue song… you know… “Back to life, Back to Reality.”  Not the whole song.  Just that verse.  On repeat.  Depressing, huh?

Anyways.  On my way home, I thought a lot about Nantucket and here are my problems with it.  I present to you….

Got 99 Problems and Nantucket is all of them.

Problem # 1 –  The moment you step foot on the magical little island called Nantucket, you immediately and completely feel transported to another universe.  You feel removed from the rest of the world.  It truly is an incredible feeling.  You think to yourself… where have I have landed… Heaven?  Do not be deceived!

Transported to Nantucket

**Warning: If you go to Nantucket, you will most likely lose all concept of reality, as well as lose all contact with your friends in the real world.  And that can cause problems.


Problem # 2 – My Nantucket road rage was off the charts this summer. 

Worse than my LA road rage.

I have a problem with most bicyclists, pedestrians and sometimes duck mamas and their little ducklings. Just kidding…I’m not heartless! They are so cute!  We brake for ducks here!


NOTE TO ALL THE SELF AWARE, SINGLE FILE ENTHUSIASTS ON THE ISLAND… You can stay.  I will wave and smile at you and praise your respect for us cars on the island!


Problem # 3 – Nantucket has the most incredible waterfront dining.  It’s ridiculous.

**Spoiler Alert:  You will be spoiled.  Everywhere you eat after Nantucket will be boring.


Problem # 4 – Nantucket has a lobster roll that you literally dream about all day long…

Thanks a lot, Cru Restaurant.


For a whole day, I contemplated whether or not I needed to go see someone because the whole day before I could not stop thinking about a lobster roll.  An amazingly divine and buttery brioche roll that holds beautiful pieces of lobster tail that has been drizzled/coated with warm butter. O. M. G. Delicious.

I’ll skip over Problem# 6 – 98…

Problem # 99 – My Nantucket problems really aren’t problems.  And that’s a problem!

With all that said, I guess what I really want to say is that I miss it.  Everything about it.  I want to scream from the rooftops (like a cheesy romantic movie)… I LOVE YOU, NANTUCKET!

i love you nantucket

P.S. I hope I didn’t come across as bitter or snobby.  That was not my intention. ;)


  1. Love your blog! But you “BRAKE” for ducks not “BREAK”

  2. “**Warning: If you go to Nantucket, you will most likely lose all concept of reality, as well as lose all contact with your friends in the real world. And that can cause problems.” That one is true…you are in trouble! ;)

  3. I only spent a little bit of time on Nantucket for Em’s wedding, and I miss it just reading this! Funny post, Allie!

  4. Thanks, Allie….this was a fun read!

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