My Valentine’s Day

Mondays and Thursdays are my busiest class days of the week. You can usually find me frantically speed walking around campus, getting from one class to the next in just the nick of time. But, despite my busy and hectic day, all of my Valentines made my Thursday extra special.

After my first two classes, I had 30 minutes until the next set of two classes, which I spent…frantically speed walking around. I grabbed lunch to-go. I stopped by the dining offices to pick up this lovely package of chocolate covered strawberries.


Then, I stopped by the mailroom to pick up a sweet package from my sweet mom!



She even put a little something in for Natalie and Hannah too!


By the time, I picked up these deliveries and ate lunch I had three minutes to spare to get from my room to my classroom. And to my surprise, I made it to class on the dot!

Once my classes were finished, I had one last delivery to pick up. Colin had a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me! Fresh flowers are probably one of my absolute favorite things. He knows me well.


When I got back to my room, I found this little Valentine Hannah left for me on my desk.



I indulged in some of those Valentine’s sweets while I waited for Natalie and Hannah to get back from their classes. Once the school day finally came to an end for all of us, the girls and I jumped in the car and headed down to Santa Monica for a dinner and a movie date!


We have a tradition in my family to eat Chinese food on Valentine’s Day, so the girls and I chose to continue the tradition by eating at P.F. Changs. Oh, how I love eating food from a place other than the caf.


(^^Let’s try to ignore my “middle part”)


And since it was Valentine’s Day, we were in the mood for a love story…so what better movie to pick than the movie Safe Haven based off of a Nicholas Sparks novel?! The movie definitely hit the spot! And if you are ever in the mood for a love story, I would certainly recommend it.


After the movie, we headed back to campus, got cozy in our matching Valentine socks that my mom gave us, ate a few chocolate covered strawberries, and called it a night!


Thank you to all of my Valentines who made my day special, especially the ones who did so from all the way across the country! I love you so much.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was full of love and I hope you have a HAPPY WEEKEND!



  2. I love the little bow on the chocolate heart that Hannah gave you! Too cute! xo

  3. Linda Wolverton :

    What a perfect day! I spent my Valentine’s day running a concession stand all evening for a very sweaty, very stinky, senior boys’ basketball tournament. I need to learn to sit on my hands once in a while at these volunteer meetings! Xo

  4. What a great Valentine’s Day! Chinese and a chick flick sounds like perfect girl time.

  5. How cute!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentines day!!! :)

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