Ott European Invasion – Lausanne


I don’t know if you heard, but I had a major scare with all of my pictures. First, I lost all of the pictures from when my family came to visit me in Switzerland and our trip to Barcelona. Then, somehow I managed to get those back after some research online. But, when I got those back, the rest of my pictures disappeared. Luckily, I have Apple Care and was able to call them up once I got back to the states and they saved my life. It’s not the first time they’ve saved my life. Seriously, they are amazing. Anyway, now that I have all of them back I can post about the Ott European Invasion! Yay!

I was so excited to finally be able to show my family the town that I had called home for months. I remember walking to dinner the night before they came thinking ‘wait, they are going to walking these streets tomorrow’. I could not believe it was going to happen…but it did!

My sisters both sent me identical pictures when the Swiss boarder control let them in:


I showed them all around, gave them a tour of my house (you can see a tour here), took them to the Cathedral and to get the best swiss hot chocolate in town. We had picnics down by the lake, they visited the Olympic Museum while I was in class, and of course we had to have some fondue!











Then, we were off to Zermatt! Stay tuned for that post and more of the Ott European Invasion xo

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