Over the Weekend

Since Francis’ birthday was on a Thursday and my suitemates and I all had classes, we couldn’t give her the birthday present we were so excited to give her. But, over the weekend we could!

Francis has never had her nails done before. So, we decided to surprise her by taking her to get them done for the first time! We told her that we were going on a little journey at a certain time so that she would be ready to go. Then, we all piled in the car to take Francis on this little “journey.”


When we arrived at the nail salon, Francis was so excited; she covered her face in her hands as if she couldn’t believe it.

Then, we went inside, picked out our colors, and all eight of us were in and out of there in less than an hour! I still can’t get over how fast they were without making any mistakes.







IMG_5136edited      IMG_5140



After we finished getting pampered, we let Francis choose anywhere she wanted to go to dinner. She had a craving for In ‘N Out…which is my favorite fast food!



IMG_5145editededited  IMG_5146edited



Then, on the way home we stopped for some birthday ice cream!


We all had such a fun time celebrating Francis’ birthday and I know I can’t wait for the next birthday to roll around! (Which just so happens to be my lovely roommate’s)


  1. So good that ya’ll took her to try a mani! They are one of my favorite things to do for myself :) Cheers!

  2. Louise Plagman :

    Just finished reading your blog from the start, what fun!! I so enjoyed reading about your adventures, as well as your family’s (who I love) and your friends. We miss you here in Georgia though!!!

  3. Louise Plagman :

    Oh, and the Michael Jackson song (I watched, listened to, every video you posted) “man in the mirror” is stuck in my head, thank-you very much

  4. We especially like the picture of Nati eating a hamburger ;)
    thanks for posting these pictures! Nati doesnt send us any :(
    Love the Miami Family AKA MiamiFami

  5. Really good post!

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