Last week, I took a little vacation to Charleston with Colin and his family. And I really needed that because I kind of sort of really missed him. Anyway, on our first day on the beach Colin and I saw parasailors go by. We both said that we would love to go parasailing one day. I said one day meaning, you know, before I die. And Colin said one day meaning during our few days there in Charleston. (Clearly, he understood the concept of doing things now more than I did. And I love him for that.) That night when we got back to the house, he pulled out his laptop, booked our tickets, and two days later we were 800 feet in the air parasailing over Charleston’s harbor with dolphins swimming below us. (No joke about the dolphins…we really saw them!!)




^^Look how tiny we were! This picture was just to show how high we were in comparison to the boat.


^^They decided to mess with us a little bit and dip us in the water!


Once we got back on the deck of the boat, we both agreed that now that we crossed parasailing off of our bucket list, we are ready to go skydiving (but shhh don’t tell my parents or they might freak out a little!).


  1. FREAKING OUT!!!!!

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