Quest for the Best Breakfast: Bottega Louie

I think I have found one of my new favorite breakfast spots….Bottega Louie! I had heard so many wonderful things about this restaurant and I knew I had to try it before I announced my winner of the best Eggs Benedict quest tomorrow!

The atmosphere was so wonderful with the tall ceilings, huge windows, white subway tile, crown molding, and gold accents. I almost couldn’t handle all the pretty. And for about an hour, I didn’t feel like I was in LA…but instead, somewhere in Europe!

Not only did Bottega Louie master the design of the restaurant, but the food was also pretty wonderful! The hollandaise sauce on the Eggs Benedict was definitely one of the best I have ever had. And the dish as a whole is certainly a contender (as of this moment…I’m still not quite sure which dish I’m going to pick!). The Italian Scramble Allie ordered was so full of flavor and delicious! Oh, and don’t even get me started on the Beignets; they were heavenly! Bottega Louie 1

Bottega Louie 2

Bottega Louie 3

^^The Macaroons match my pants!

Bottega Louie 4

Bottega Louie 10

^^The decor is seriously so beautiful!

Bottega Louie 7

Bottega Louie 8

Bottega Louie 9

Bottega Louie 5

Bottega Louie 11

Bottega Louie 12

^^LOVE that table!!

Bottega Louie 13

Bottega Louie 14



Bottega Louie 16

^^Beignets! I could eat 1,000,000 more of these and never get tired of them.

Bottega Louie 17Well, that wraps up the quest! I think I’ll have to start making a couple pro con lists to pick the winner. Make sure to check back tomorrow for the results! Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Natalie Marie :

    I can’t wait to see who wins! This just means that the school year is almost over! :(

    Love ya!

  2. I love Bottega Louie!! I’ve never had their brunch though…must check it out!

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