Red Carpet Worthy Arms

When the stars at the gym start amping up their arm work outs… I know there is a red carpet event around the corner.  That’s right!  The Oscars are a week and a day away!!  In honor of the them, I bring you my favorite arm work out.  Tracy Anderson Standing Arms!

In this first video, Tracy really explains each move and goes through them slowly.  This is rare for her!  The last video in this post is more her style… but try this one out first!

This is my favorite!  This video is from her original Mat DVD that I used to do in my dorm room! It is killer. I dare you all to try it. Even the men!

“And you’re done with those!” The Ott girls (including Patty) know this one by heart… including what she says.

And this final video is more like what we do in class!  No explanations. Just going for it!  Try it for fun!

I hope you like them just as much as I do!  And Summer is just around the corner too…  You can use these videos to get ready for all those cute sleeveless dresses and tops that Milly & Grace will have this summer!  You can set a goal and say…I am going to do one of these videos (especially the middle one) every night before I go to bed.  I know you will start seeing results right away!

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