Same Page Monday


1.  In honor of the Season Premiere of The Bachelor tonight, I will tell you my little Bachelor/Bachelorette story.  About 2 months ago, we met Drew Kenney from last season’s Bachelorette (well he was our bartender at Hakkasan in Beverly Hills) and my friend slipped him my number when we were leaving and told him to call the “cute blonde”.  I am still waiting for him to call.  Just kidding.  I am not.  I got over it pretty quickly.  Actually, the day after, I was reading US Magazine and there was an article about how he is now dating Chris Harrison’s assistant.  Note to self: Stay up to date with gossip magazines so that you are up to date on who is dating who in this town, so embarrassing stuff like that doesn’t happen again.



 2.  This is Patty instagramming.  Notice that she is not only committing a big fashion no no… socks and flips flops… but she is surrounded my mounds of snow.  She walked in and said, “My toes are froze.”  Oh Patty, we love you!  The things we do for a good Instagram shot.


3. If you didn’t know this about me already, I used to work for Sprinkles Cupcakes! I always had so much fun working for Sprinkles. One of the things I loved about that job, was that we were always filming fun videos and training videos! Patty, Emily and Caroline are in New York for the buying shows and they stopped at Sprinkles for a little afternoon pick me up… They sent me this video. It makes me happy to know that I haven’t fully left Sprinkles forever.  A little piece of me will live forever on the TV Screens at Sprinkles in New York. Watch my amazing dance skills below.

4.  There are only 3 things today.  I’m sorry.  I hope that’s ok.  Let me know if it’s not.

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