Same Page Monday

How is everyone feeling?!  What’s going on?  How’s your MLK Monday?  My Monday has been wonderful, thank you for asking.  Ok… Let’s get on the Same Page… there are just a few things!

1.  I wish I was at the Sundance Film Festival this week.  SNOW, COZY WINTER CLOTHES, HOT CHOCOLATE AND MOVIES!!  SOUNDS PERFECT. RIGHT?  Who wants to come with me next year?? Look at Kate Hudson looking all gorgeous.


2.  I had lunch this past week right next to two Hollywood legends, Bette Midler and Mel Brooks.  The Paparazzi also joined us for lunch too.  I overheard Bette saying she wished she would have done her hair and makeup!


That’s my head in the right hand corner.  :)

3. Just in case you were sick of searching for things to watch on Netflix Streaming, here are two awesome movies I just watched… LOVED both!

Netflix Streaming

4.  Some mean Broncos fan posted this on Facebook last and I watched it and it was too soon… SO SAD!! But this was kinda funny… but not funny. NEXT YEAR, BRADY.  Hopefully, you and the team will be more in sync…

Photo Credit: 1, 2, 3, 4

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