Same Page Monday

1. Caroline is done with school in Switzerland.  Crazy to believe!! She is all packed up and can’t wait to get her butt to Nantucket for the summer!


She is also excited about DAFFODIL Weekend…  WHICH MEANS MILLY & GRACE IS OPENING (not this weekend but) NEXT WEEKEND!!!!

2.  WHICH MEANS….. EMILY IS AT THE STORE WORKING HARD TO GET READY TO OPEN….. WHICH MEANS SHE IS NOT ANSWERING MY CALLS OR TEXTS….. WHICH MEANS NO PICTURE OF HER.  (But she did send a picture of Ivy when I asked her to send a picture of herself earlier… obsessed mom? Just sayin.)

3.  Ivy still has to wear her stupid cozy cone.  Boo.  We can’t wait for her to get back to her Ivy Adventures sans cone.

photo-4 copy

4.  I have been busy getting back into the craziness that is LA and the pursuit of my dreams.  I have really been kicking up the working out (because that is part of an actor’s job)… Luckily, Tracy is in town and is teaching a master class to her clients. She really is an inspiration.  The energy when she teaches is magnetic. I love her!  3 days down and 2 more to go…  This is the calm before the sweatiness…

photo 1 copy 2

Our tools…

photo 2 copy 3

5.  I used to go to Starbucks everyday but now I am obsessed with something else… MATCHA GREEN TEA!!  I really have noticed a difference since I started drinking it this past week.  I think it has even helped with my energy during my workouts!  I mean either all of a sudden I am becoming a badass worker outer or it’s the Matcha Green Tea… I would put my money on the power of Matcha.  I might have to try a few days without to see if I do notice a difference. I will get back to you on the results.

photo-4 copy 2

6.  The only thing people in LA have been talking about for the past couple weeks has been Coachella.  Does the rest of the world know what this is or that it is happening this weekend??  This town is obsessed.  Coachella this.. Coachella that.. Coachella is a music festival out in the desert in Palm Springs/Indio.  People dress like bohemians and camp out and party.  Young Hollywood takes over… even Leonardo Dicaprio.  Check out his amazing dance moves.  It cracks me up.

7. And finally, this little clip of Pharrell on Oprah. It made me happy and made me tear up.

True testament to loving what you do, believing in yourself and coming from a truly authentic and loving place…do all that and you will achieve amazing things!

And that’s it for this Monday!!

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