Same Page Monday

1.  First off, Patty just asked me if this was going to be a Same Page Monday on Tuesday or a Same Page Monday on Monday.  Don’t we just love the passive aggressiveness from Patty!!  She keeps us in line here over at Milly & Grace Girls…

2.  It was a big weekend for the Otts!  Saturday, June 21, 2014 was our parents 34th Wedding Anniversary…


 our dear friend Julia and Stephen’s wedding day …


 which Emily was the Matron of Honor…


 Caroline played wedding planner and we were her little helpers!


It was such a beautiful wedding!  (There will definitely be a post to come with all the details!)  Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Maury!

3.  Supposedly I signed up for  Last week I started getting emails from them saying I have new matches.  I just wanted to wish Aott18 from Michigan the best of luck!!!!! Go get em, Tiger!  Do our name proud!  Invite me to the wedding!

MatchPatty was very intrigued by this… she checked out all the prospects and I saw in my Safari history that she had clicked on one of them!  His profile tag line was “Conservative but non – judgmental.”  She thinks I should sign up.

4.  Let me think if there is anything else that I need to update you on…

5.  Still thinking….

6. I can’t believe it is almost July.

7.  I made a really delicious lemon loaf cake that I am going to post about later this week!  Everyone should try it.

8. Oh and remember the itty bitty kitty we rescued on our walk?!  We are happy to report that he was taken in by the lovely lady who runs an organization on Nantucket called Cattrap Nantucket.  They rescue strays and help with the feral cat population on the island!  Isn’t he just the cutest!!frankie

9.  Ok, that’s it!! And it is still MONDAY!


  1. your mom has dark hair! Caroline looks like your mom in that pic!

  2. Sign up!!! I say go for it!!

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