Same Page Monday

1.  Tomorrow is the 1 st day of July.  I feel like there is something important about that day but I can’t remember what it is…

2.  This is Emily’s idea of walking Ivy.  Ivy kept looking back at us for help!!  We are pretty sure this is what she was thinking…”Put me down, Mom!  I want to run wild and crazy! And smell everything and eat everything!! This is kinda fun. Wait, was that a bird?!  Help!”


3.  A little bit of Hollywood was on the island this week!  It was the Nantucket Film Festival.  Patty and I went to see a few films, as well as an interview with the amazingly talented screenwriter and super nice guy, Aaron Sorkin.  He couldn’t have been more humble and open or excited/willing to share, which made for an inspiring experience for all.  He admitted that writing doesn’t come easy to him, that he is not a story guy at all (he is more of a word guy), and that he knows he doesn’t write anything visually beautiful or stimulating… yet he has has had success on the the stage, the big screen AND small screen!
The last question asked was, “What is your hope for your career and future?”.  He answered simply, “My hope is that my best hasn’t been written yet.”  (Gives me the chills.)


4.  Jared Leto totally stole my Peekaboo move.  He tweeted this picture today.  I tweeted him about it.  I’ll let you know if he gets back to me.


5.  There was a story in the news about Amy Adams.  She was recently on a commercial flight flying first class but once the plane began to board she gave up her first class seat to a soldier sitting in coach.  I love stories like this!  Random acts of kindness and appreciation.  I don’t think we needed anymore reason to love her… what a class act!

6.  Supposedly there is a tropical storm/hurricane brewing on the east coast and headed towards Nantucket for the Fourth of July.  Boo.  Let’s hope it veers off before it gets to us!

7.  Oh I totally remembered now…. our cute little sister was born on July 1st…. TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!  The day our lives changed forever.  The day the “Core Four” became no more.  Thank goodness I remembered what it was.  It was  really starting to bother me.  Just kidding, little Cezzie!  I would NEVER forget.



That’s it, till next Monday!  xo


  1. Sounds like a great evening…something about seeing famous people in a little New England hamlet…that’s what I love about the northeast…so easy…

    Happy Birthday sweet Caroline!! Patty…no more teenagers!! Sniff!sniff!

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