Same Page Monday

Same Page Mondays are all about random/need to know information I feel like I need to share so we are all on the same page.

1. Caroline needs everyone’s help. She keeps on going back and forth on a very serious and important decision.  Bangs or No Bangs.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Caroline has been having a major case of  bangitis… this is what she has been going through


2.  The 5th of July totally felt like we were in the movie Groundhog Day.  Thanks to Hurricane Arthur, Nantucket celebrated the 4th of July on the 4th and on the 5th!  For the past few years, Caroline has been participating in the annual Watermelon Eating Contest.  Last year she won her division (I teared up when she won) and this year she was back to defend her title.

Sadly, she was destroyed by a Watermelon Eating Machine.  The guy next to her must have been training for months because he had mad skills. He was doing this deep breathing thing before and then had this back and forth vacuum technique that I have never seen!  Watch the video here!  Caroline got third place!  We are still so proud of her!

3.  Yes, The World Cup is still going on.

4.  A cute, new coffee shop opened its doors on July 4th!  We are so excited for this little spot!  There is an amazing sense of community and warmth when you walk into the Handlebar Cafe.  The owners, Jason and Courtney, put so much thought and love into this place, and it shows!  There are places to sit in the back, Free Wifi, amazing coffee and treats, friendly staff and more!  If you are on island, you must stop in!



5.  I have two kind of embarrassing confessions.  One – I have been secretly dying to see pictures from Jessica Simpson’s wedding that happened this past Saturday. (I know I can’t be the only one or the only one who was a huge Newlyweds fan.)  Two – I am secretly so excited for Nicole Richie’s new reality show, Candidly Nicole, that airs July 17th at 10pm on VH1.

6.  Wimbeldon is over.  Djokovic beat Federer.  I was really cheering for Roger to win.  I just love him.  He is such a nice guy…  I know from first hand experience.   I was one of his ball girls.  I was one of those little kids who ran around the court and squatted next to the net and caught the balls and rolled them down the court and bounced balls perfectly to the player when they were serving and brought over towels and water over to the players.  I was a ball girl at the Adidas International in Sydney, which is warm up tournament for the Australian Open.  I went through INTENSE try outs.  I was the only one out of my friends to make the cut.  (I really have amazing eye hand coordination.)  Anyways,  I was a ball girl for Martina Hingis, Anna Kournikova, Serena Williams, Andy Roddick AND Roger Federer.  He was the nicest.  He always said thank you and was very sweet to the ball boys and girls.  You’ll win the next one, Feddy!

7.  Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are still together. CharPenn is still going strong.  Photo taken today.


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7.  That’s enough for today.  Please comment below on the bang thing.


  1. Ditch the bangs!! I love the less “framed” look for her. I wanna see wedding photos too! LOL

  2. The link to the bangs dilemma was hilarious. Cezzie, I really can’t decide. You are cute either way!
    Allison, such a hilarious SPM.

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