Same Page Monday

Another Monday, and another Same Page Monday…

1.  LA got a little bit sweeter last week with the arrival of my little Sweet Caroline!!  She is back for her junior year at Pepperdine.


Seeing this girl and her car on my street is… THE BEST THING EVER!!

I can’t wait to have more dates like these with my little sissy….


(Naturally, our first stop was Lemonade in Brentwood!)

2.  We have been busy bees running around trying to get Caroline all set up in her apartment!  Patty came along for the adventure too! Us three girls have been all over LA… Ikea trips, Living Spaces, Ashley Furniture, Home Goods trips, mattress shopping, multiple Target runs, DIY projects that involve trips to Home Depot and Michaels, two flea market runs… and much, much…. much more!!

We were going to keep count of how many Target runs we did but there were so many that we already lost count!!

This is how we rooollllllll at Target…….

3.  This was my Target FAIL.  Wore my Target Skirt to Target… that’s the worst!


4. No surprise here but we are obsessed with the new Taylor Swift song, Shake it off!  We are even more obsessed with her music video for it!  I really hope it has made it onto the Cardio playlist at Tracy today! I just want to get up and dance when I hear it… and I’m not the only one…

5.  Last week, Emily and I had some mind shifting moments.  At the root of both of those moments was the reminder of the importance of compassion from everyone, everyday.  The entertainment industry, when used in the right way, can be so powerful.  It could influence a mind shift in the world towards compassion.  We LOVE Ellen Degeneres because she is an amazing example of this…  love, kindness, compassion and happiness.  The CEO and co-chairman of Dreamworks, Stacey Snider, has taken on the Kind Campaign (started by Pepperdine Alum Lauren Paul.. Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad’s wife) and with her influence in the industry she has helped to raise money and awareness for this cause.  The Kind Campaign is an anti-bullying campaign… they started the “You CAN sit with us!” movement.

Last night, I saw this video from Britians Got Talent (it aired earlier this summer and they were already on the Ellen Show).  I just loved everything about this.  These boys used their gifts/passion to connect with and spread an important message to the world.  It is something the world needs and craves!  Watch…

6. Ivy got a haircut.  She hates it.


7.  I didn’t watch the VMA’s last night.  What did I miss?

8.  The Emmys are tonight! Yay!  We will be posting our favorite red carpet looks tomorrow!

9.  Ok, that’s it!  Peace out.

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