Same Page Monday

It’s Monday..

1.  Kate Middleton has another Royal bun in the oven!  Will & Kate are expecting baby number 2!  She is not far along but they had to announce because she had a to cancel public appearances due to the bad morning sickness she gets from pregnancy. :( Hope she feels better!  Love them!  (I hope it’s a girl!)

Will, Kate and George

2.   I re-watched Legend of The Fall this weekend.  Seriously kills me every time.  My heart feels like its being ripped out.  Brad really gave an incredible performance.   Love that movie.   Caroline, you need to watch it!!  (You also need to watch Strictly Ballroom.)  She keeps asking me about movies to watch on Netflix… it is so overwhelming when you get on there… I could spend hours scrolling through!  I’ll try to gather my favorites and must watches for you!   Expect a post on that… soonish.


3.  Haven’t had dates the last two days.  I feel all out of whack.  I need my dates!!  (Refer down to the previous post to read more about my predicament..) See, I really am bringing you up to date and on the SAME PAGE with all really important stuff.

4. The Ravens finally terminated Ray Rice after video surfaced of the assault… where he knocks out his wife and drags her out of the elevator.  I mean, C’MON MAN!!!  He should be banned for life from the NFL but I am sure the Raiders will take him.  Too soon for a joke?  (Sorry, Turner Family.)

5.  Went to the dentist this morning.  No cavities.  I feel really good about myself.

6.  I love Jimmy Fallon!  Here’s a clip of him and Adam Levine singing impressions… Adam blew me away!  Who knew!?

7.  Caroline came and visited me Sunday morning for a little Sunday Funday!  She has been so busy with school.  It was just so cute that my little sister came to see me!!! I just love having her back!!  It was amazing.  We didn’t take a pic or a selfie or an Instagram or make a blog post out of it.  Crazy.

8.  I feel like I should leave you with something inspirational… something to ponder about…



Oooooohhhh…. Kinda scary to think about?!?!  Ok, think about it.

Happy Monday!


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