Same Page Monday

It’s Monday!! Oh no.  I’m not feeling very funny right now.  Nothing funny happened this past week!!!

1.  Tom Brady lost to the Bengals this weekend for the first time ever in his whole entire career.  4-1.


2.  lesson (finally) learned this weekend – stay true to your heart.  no matter what happens.  it’s always better to be open than closed off… no matter how scary it is or if the response is not what you wanted it to be.  just be sure to be centered within yourself.  ok, got it…  (i don’t know why i didn’t want to capitalize those sentences.)

3.  I saw Gravity last night.  I felt sick with anxiety the whole time.  I actually hated it.  There were beautiful moments.  BUT… I did appreciate it.  It was a very different type of movie going experience.

4.   I bowled on Shirley Temple’s personal bowling alley at her childhood home in Beverly Hills.  Here is my friend, Jasmine, about to bowl a strike!


5.  Patty went to Target this weekend for the first time in 4 months.

HERE’S TO A BETTER WEEK!!  It is GGW this coming weekend!  GGW stands for Girl’s Getaway Weekend!  Every year the girls on my Mom’s side of the family get together for some fun!  This year, we are heading to Lake Tahoe.  Can’t even wait!


  1. Can’t wait to see you at GGW!!

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