Same Page Monday*

Same Page Monday on a Tuesday???  What??  I know you all probably came to the blog yesterday looking for Same Page Monday and were so disappointed that it wasn’t there and that something must have gone horribly wrong.  Well it did.

Dearest Caroline, I promise I have a doctor’s note to excuse me from my failure to meet my Monday deadline.  (Caroline is the boss lady who runs the M&G Girls show.)

TMI WARNING:  Last night, I was up all night with food poisoning or a stomach bug!!  I was, well let’s see… how can I put this in ladylike terms… I don’t think there is a way, throwing up from 9 pm to 2:30 am.  Little did I know,  so was the rest of my family members who were on that girls trip!!  My poor sister and cousin were sick on their red eye flights home, but luckily a few of us had already made it home before we got sick.  Three out of the 9 girls did not get sick.  We are group texting right now, trying to figure out the culprit.  What did you eat?  I ate this.  Well, she ate that too and didn’t get sick.  I will keep you posted on what we think made us sick.

To add to that drama, firemen showed up to my apartment building around 3:30 am this morning!!  Supposedly our basement flooded, so they had to pump out the water and turn off the water!!!  I did not open my door to find out the details.  I just stared at them through the peep hole.  I was so worried that these hotties were going to knock on our doors that I changed my pj’s, cleaned up my apartment, and tried to make myself look like I hadn’t been sick all night!!  They didn’t knock.


Now, lets get on to how I was going to start Same Page Monday before all that drama.

1.  Emily and I had to keep ourselves entertained at the Reno Airport for 3 hours on Friday.  We decided to spend out time hitting the slots (like our Milly would have) and picking up some classy souvenirs.


2.  Patty has taken eyewear to a whole new level.  How can we take her out in public?  Just kidding!  We still love her… 6 eyes and all!  The Milly & Grace Girls think it’s trendy, Patty!


3.  Emily missed her puppy girl so much during the trip.  It was Ivy’s four month birthday while she was away.  :(  She would stare at pictures of her, talk to the pictures and kinda tear up.  Yep, she is one of those…


Side note:  This conversation just happened… Me: “Em, we need to leave for the airport!”  Em:  “Hold on!  I have to sign Ivy up for puppy training…. Oh no!  It’s sold out!!  I guess I will have to sign her up for the session in November.  (Baby voice)  Ivy…she’s such a good little puppy.  She’s such a good little girl.”  (20 minutes later… we leave for the airport.)

4.  If I were to be on a reality TV show, what would you think I would go on??  Let me guess, you all probably guessed something like the Bachelor or Bachelorette.  Nope.  After the ropes course/zip line/ treetop adventure course we did this weekend, I know I would dominate in Survivor.   Sign me up right now!  I would win immunity every time.  For real.

5.  Caroline is in the south of France.

6.  I am in bed.

7.  Patty and Emily are still sick.

8.  Sorry that I had to share your day with you, Tim!  Miss you!

* Same Page Monday Disclaimer:  I don’t take myself seriously.  I hope you pick up on the sarcasm.  I am not trying to be mean or stuck up.  I love everyone… even if I make fun of them!!  XOXOXOXO


  1. That’s pretty funny about the fireman, Allie! Great pic! xo

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