Same Page Monday

1. It’s Monday and it is Veterans Day!

A very important and BIG thank you to all the Veterans who have served our amazing country and have kept us safe… and to all those who are currently serving our country.  You are all so brave.  Land of the Free and Home of the BRAVE!!!  BECAUSE OF YOU!  Our Nanny (Milly), Papa (Milly’s husband) and Grandy (Grace’s husband) were all veterans… We love you!  Forever grateful.


2. On a completely different note…

I think a tricky, little pixie is serving up some Kool Aid in Hollywood… AND I want to stay very far away from it!!!  4 pixie cuts in a week??  People, I need to know how you feel about it.  Patty thinks it’s cute!


3.  COUNTDOWNS…. 16 days until Thanksgiving. 43 days until Christmas.  AHHHHHH.  Caroline, we need to start planning our Gingerbread House theme for the annual Gingerbread House decorating competition.

4.  I asked Caroline if there were any updates and she responded with the following text…

“There’s a chocolate thief in our house.  They’ve actually gone into rooms and stolen people’s chocolate…even found some in the back of people’s closet.  They don’t like hazelnuts though cause that’s always left behind.

They’re going to look on security cameras haha it’s been happening since the first week of school and it hasn’t stopped.  Unfortunately for that person, theft is a sin and gets you sent home to Malibu.”

LOL.  I think it’s a mouse.

5.  My friend got a cat this weekend.  I thought to myself, “why is she getting a cat?”.  I thought cats were prissy, mean and no fun… Well, I was wrong.  He is the sweetest cat ever.  He loves to play and cuddle.  He never puts his claws out.  He fell asleep in my arms while watching TV.  He was snoring too!  OH NO….. Am I a crazy cat lady in the making?????  Help!  I need to stop now before it’s too late!!


6.  I asked Patty if there were any updates on her end, and she informed me that the Braves are building a new stadium in Cobb County and that it will be ready for the 2017 season.  Thanks, Patty.  (Her Mom, Milly, was the biggest Brave fan ever.)

7.  My Starbucks drink of choice right now is an iced, grande Americano with two pumps of white mocha… It is still hot in LA.  It’s November.  I should be getting hot drinks and wearing mittens and scarves.  :(  But I have to say thank you to Starbucks for putting snowflakey decorations on the “iced” cups too and not just leaving all the festiveness to the hot cups.

8.  I am really into burning incense right now.

9.  Ivy is in “shop dog” training this week!  Emily is working with her so she can join in on all the Milly & Grace fun!  I think she is the cutest Milly & Grace Girl… sorry, Caroline!


I think that’s it.

Love, Allison


  1. That was the cutest post, I loved every little tidbit .

  2. Love it! And, yes, I do think that cat looks like you….lucky cat! xo

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