Same Page Monday – Golden Globes Edition

1. Caroline sent me this GIF in regards to how she was feeling the whole time she was looking through the Red Carpet arrivals from the Golden Globes.  There weren’t as many stunning looks as we were hoping for!


2.  “B*tch stole my prom look!”

Caroline and Sofia - Stole my look - Golden Globes

3.  B*tch kinda stole my homecoming look (from 2003)! – Obviously, I was so very busy and important on my cell phone.

Allison and Emma - Stole my look - Golden Globes

4.  Do we really need any more reasons to love JLaw any more!?! She is my favorite person. Best Red Carpet moment was when she playfully tells TSwift that she thought it would be funny if she came in and pushed her down the stairs.


5.  Did anyone else notice that Tina and Amy wore the same but opposite color dresses during their opening monologue as last year??

TinaFeyandAmyPoehler - Golden Globes 2013 & 2014

6.  Tina and Amy were so funny!  There were a few jokes that made me actually laugh out loud.  The one about how George Clooney would rather drift off into space than to spend time with a women his own age!  And how Tina introduced Leo when he was presenting… I can’t repeat it.  Remember we try to stay classy here at Milly & Grace Girls.  The best part was when they cut to Martin Scorsese’s reactions… He was cracking up!!  These Golden Globes had the highest ratings in 10 years!  The girls did an awesome job. I can’t wait till next year!

This is for Caroline who didn’t get to watch it… A recap of some of the funniest moments from the night!

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  1. I’m glad J-law’s dress wasn’t on any of your best dressed lists because that was hideous! What was she thinking?

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