Same Page Monday on Tuesday

1.  I have a cookie dough problem.  It’s bad.  It’s my type of “Raw Food” diet.  I’ve taken one of these containers to work for a snack when Caroline has brought watermelon.  I really think Something Natural should to stop making cookie dough and just stick to sandwiches and bread.  Or maybe I need to stop making special trips just for the cookie dough.  (I’m eating it right now.)


2.  This is a follow up to last week’s Same Page Monday – It’s official.  Caroline is ditching the bangs!


3.  Great News.  I came across this article the other day… One of the distributors for Knight of Cups (a movie I had a tiny role in opposite Christian Bale) said that the movie will be released in the US at the end of the year!!  But we can never be quite sure because it was supposed to be released last year.  It was also mentioned that when it comes to Malick, you never know who will end up on the cutting room floor… fingers crossed that that’s not me!!!  I can’t wait for it to come out.  It was an amazing and surreal experience working with Christian, Terrence Malick and his team!


4.  This was our Papa yesterday on his 90th birthday!! Doesn’t he look like he is celebrating his 21st birthday!?  (And that’s his son, our uncle, Terry! Two cool dudes.)


5.   I never thought we would be those kind of dog people but WE ARE THOSE DOG PEOPLE!! AHHH!! We are obsessed with my sister’s dog, Ivy.  My camera roll is proof.



6.  It’s Tuesday at 10:40 pm on the East Coast.  (Patty!  I am sorry I am posting a Same Page Monday on Tuesday/almost Wednesday!)

7.  Patty is back on the mainland and she made a Target run for us.  Cute sports bras, cute maxi skirts and more!  We love Target!

7.  Now its 10:47 pm and I can’t think of anything else.

8.  Oh, The Milly & Grace Girls are heading to New York next Monday for an exciting little trip!!  More to come on that soon!

9. 10:49 pm… Goodnight :)

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