Same Page Monday

I just want to make sure we are all on the same page at the beginning of this new week.

1.  Miley stopped following her fiancé, Liam, on Twitter this weekend.  It sent the media into a frenzy.  It has now been confirmed that the two have called off their engagement and parted ways… as per… who got confirmation from their reps.  Sounds legit.

I wonder which straw in particular broke this camel’s back?


I’m not going to be mean.  Hope they find happiness.

Photo Credit: Twitter

2. Caroline hiked 14 miles this weekend in the Alps!  14 miles.  The whole family is very proud of her.  One thing you might not know about Caroline is that she doesn’t like to break a sweat or get hot. I wonder if she did on this hike or if Switzerland is cold enough for her to work out and not sweat.  Get back to us on that one, Cezzie.


3.  Patty’s last three Instagrams were all of Ivy.  Ivy is proving to be the new favorite in the family, and I am not sure how I feel about that…

Patty Instagram

I am not even in the last 6.  What do I need to do to get some love??

What if I got my Mom some more Instagram followers!??! Maybe she will post about me?



DO IT!  She is so cute.  She comes up with some awesome hashtags. #coolmom

4.  I should be fired from Milly&Grace Girls because I didn’t take any pictures on my trip to San Francisco this past weekend.  MAJOR BLOGGER FAIL.  (I was just there for meetings.  Nothing touristy.)

5.  It’s September 16, 2013.

Ok, perfect.  We are all on the same page.  Now go and have a wonderful week.  XO

Note: Same Page Monday…. I was trying to get it to be like Throwback Thursday or Tuesdays with Tim but I couldn’t come up with anything more creative.


  1. I absolutely loved same page monday!!! Ohh and an update about Caroline and not sweating… She still didn’t break a sweat however, it is not too cold as Hannah and I were seriously sweating. I miss you!

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