Struggle: Los Angeles Traffic

All the horror stories you hear about Los Angeles and it’s traffic problems are 100% true.

To drive what you think would take 5 minutes could turn into a one hour ordeal. Seriously.

I have now lived in California for 3 years.  I think that officially makes me a Californian? Ok, I’m a Californian with the heart of a New Englander.  I can live with that.

As a Californian, I am now one of those people who works directions, shortcuts, parking rules (street cleaning, permit only, hourly, metered) and/or road names into any and all conversations…warranted or unwarranted.  If you don’t understand what I am talking about because you have never encountered a true LA guy/girl… SNL was so kind to do a short for me to put on my blog to bring to life…life as I now know it.

SNL and Through Struggles to the Stars brings you…


If you come to LA… just throw out road names like Wilshire, Santa Monica, Beverly, Mulholland, San Vicente, La Brea, the 405, the 10… you’ll fit right in.

The best part about the short is that they can’t keep a straight face!!

I think they’re cracking up because they have all lived here and know how real it is…and how ridiculous it is!

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