Summer Nights

Summer is almost over and it’s beginning to feel a little bit like fall on Nantucket. Fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons so I’m pretty excited about it. But, I am a little sad that summer is almost over. Especially because it means that it’s almost time to leave Nantucket and my family. So, we have been savoring every last second of summer and our time together.

As you probably already know, my favorite thing to do in the summertime is pack up a picnic and eat dinner on the beach just in time for the sunset. We have been much better about doing that a lot this summer. And that makes me very happy! I sure am going to miss summer nights like these.






On our most recent beach picnic, I spruced up a lemonade with rosemary and raspberries, made my pasta salad and whipped up Fruity Pebble Treats (just like rice krispie treats but with fruity pebbles..amazing!).


For the lemonade, I like to buy the individual bottles of lemonade because they can then act as a shaker. All you do is put a sprig of rosemary inside and a few raspberries, shake, and enjoy!



Pasta Salad:

I used to make this pasta salad all the time for my school lunches in high school, and I thought it would be the perfect summer picnic meal. I put tomatoes, corn, salami, basil, onions, mozzarella, and olives in the salad and drizzle it with Girards Champagne Dressing. It’s really a piece of cake to make!



Fruity Pebble Treats:

You make these just like rice krispie treats. Melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a big pot. Add an entire bag of marshmallows (I like to use the mini ones) and stir until melted. Remove from heat and pour in the entire box of fruity pebbles. Stir until evenly coated. Then, evenly press the mixture into a greased pan. (Tip: it helps to butter your fingers before pressing so the mixture doesn’t stick to your fingers) Allow to cool. And finally, cut and serve!




  1. auntie joanie :

    Oh my goodness I want to be at that family function on the beach so bad. Everything looks amazing.

  2. Drive on picnic on the beach! THAT IS MY FAVORITE THING TO DO!!! Wish I could have been there… that looks like the yummiest picnic ever xoxo


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