Sunday Funday

We are back on schedule, people! Allie is fully recovered from not feeling well, so our usual Sunday plans are back on.

This past Sunday Funday, we woke up to the most beautiful sunny day. Picture a July summers day…only its January! (I’m still a bit bitter about having no winter season here in California…but Allie and I decided to make the most of it)

We greeted this beautiful day wearing our “Sunday Funday” shirts that our mother got us for Christmas! And we went on a hike in Brentwood with amazing views!









Even an amazing view of Tom Brady’s house. Can I even call it a house? Let’s go with mansion. An amazing view of Tom Brady’s mansion. He just so happened to have a major playoff game that night (let’s not talk about the results because I may start crying) so we assumed that neither Tom, Giselle, nor the kids were in LA but instead in Boston for the game. Sooo, who was blasting the Taylor Swift song that my sister and I heard coming from their house…the maids?? Whoever it was, they seemed to be having a fabulous time.


After the hike, we drove down to Brentwood Country Mart to have brunch at one of the cutest places I have ever walked into: Farm Shop.











And when I walked in, I looked to my right to see one of my favorite bloggers, Emily Schuman, standing right there! What are the odds?! Despite the fact that I probably seemed a bit like a crazy fan, I couldn’t resist saying hello. She was just as sweet as her lovely blog. And I’m kicking myself now that I didn’t get a picture with her.

Then, Allie and I sat down to eat a brunch of eggs, potatoes, bacon, and the most delicious French Toast. I know I have been using what seems like exaggerated language (“most delicious”, “cutest”, etc) but I’m being quite realistic. It is the best French Toast I have ever had.







Once our tummies were stuffed, we wandered over to the prepared food section to pick out dinner for later that night. We chose chicken breast, potatoes, and beets! The best part about the dinner, aside from how yummy it was, was we only had to lift one finger to press “start” on the microwave.






After dinner, we had to get our minds off of the disappointing, to say the least, Patriots game. So, we headed over to the movies to watch “Django: Unchained.”




If you haven’t seen it yet, GO! There is a lot of blood and gory…but if you can get past that, it was a truly amazing film with the perfect dose of humor thrown into the mix. I just loved it!

And that concludes this edition of Sunday Funday! One of the best yet.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing through your lovely words and beautiful photos. That French Toast does look like the best French Toast ever… mmmm! Love and miss you girlies!

  2. Dad and I want a Sunday Funday like that!! Lucky ducks! xoxo

  3. You girlies are having too much fun without me! And I can’t believe you wore those shirts all day…

  4. Love this! Love the Sunday Funday shirts that Miss Patty got ya’ll!! Too cute. What trail is it that you did in Brentwood? I love trying out new trails. (My regular is Fryman Canyon, and occasionally I do Solstice in Malibu.)

  5. We only wore them for the hike and brunch! We kept forgetting that we were…1. wearing the same shirt and 2. wearing the same shirt that said SUNDAY FUNDAY. People kept commenting… “like your shirts”, “what’s sunday fun day?”, “is it a team of some sort?”. It was a perfect day! Wish the rest of the family could have joined in… I think you all should move to California! XO

  6. What I got from that whole post was that the Patriots LOST! Go 49ers!

  7. I’m headed out to CA soon and would like to know where the hike is? Adding to our to do list! Thanks.

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