Sunday Funday

Allie and I missed our Sunday Funday brunch excursions that we had together in California, so we decided to do something about that. And yesterday morning, before we opened up the store for the day, Allie and I got together for breakfast with Emily and our mom at one of our favorite spots on Nantucket – Black Eyed Susans! It was quite delicious.




I, of course, ordered Eggs Benedict. Emily did too! And even Allie chose Eggs Benedict instead of pancakes (!!!) just like me. I couldn’t believe it.


My mom ordered the Portuguese Scramble.


And we just had to have something sweet so we split the French Toast between all four of us!



Once we were stuffed, we waddled our way through town to Milly & Grace to open up the shop!

I think we should start a Sunday Funday breakfast before work tradition…what do you say Emmy and Allie and Mommy??

Sunday Funday

Even though it was the Sunday before finals week, I did not want to spend my last Sunday Funday with Allie cooped up in my room studying my brains out. So, we came up with a much better idea. We decided I could study my brains out at the beach! And we brought Hannah along with us. (We missed Natalie – she had lots of work to catch up on).

We started off the afternoon at our favorite sandwich place!

Finals Beach Day 1

Finals Beach Day 2

Finals Beach Day 3

^^Hannah and I both had this delicious barbecue pulled pork with coleslaw sandwich

Finals Beach Day 4

^^And Allie had the Roast Turkey, with cranberries and mixed greens…so yummy (I had a bite)!

Then, we headed to the beach! And studying for finals on the beach does make the studying a bit more enjoyable…I thought it was impossible to make studying for finals better in any way.

Finals Beach Day 5

And finally, we rewarded ourselves for studying hard with some frozen yogurt!

Finals Beach Day 6

Finals Beach Day 7

I can’t believe the year is really coming to an end. And I really am going to miss Sunday Fundays with Allie! Sundays won’t be the same without her.

Sunday Funday

My sisters and I had to say goodbye to my mom this weekend and we already miss her terribly! Emily stayed a few extra days and I’m so glad she did…they are easing Allie and me out of it, instead of just leaving us all at once!

So, since Emily stayed, she got to experience Sunday Funday with Allie and me. We planned on getting up a little early to accomplish everything we wanted to…but when morning came, we hit snooze several times on our alarm and postponed our activities a little. Sleeping in is one of the greatest activities on the planet. We very much enjoyed ourselves.

Once, we finally got up, we got ready and went on what we call an urban hike. There are lots of hills in Beverly Hills with lots of pretty houses and buildings, so we decided to hike up and down those hills! (And our legs are all feeling tired today, that’s for sure!)

Urban Hike 1
Urban Hike

Then, on our way home from the hike, we stopped at the Beverly Hills Farmers Market to pick up fresh fruit to use in our brunch we decided to make!

Farmers Market 2

Farmers Market 3

Farmers Market 1

Farmers Market 4

Farmers Market 5

As soon as we got home, we got right down to business cooking. Recently, we bought Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook and we couldn’t wait to try out a few of her recipes. We made Watermelon Mint Fresca, Buttermilk Pancakes with bananas and blackberries, and a fresh fruit salad! So delicious and refreshing!

Brunch 1

Brunch 3

Brunch 4

Brunch 2

Brunch 5

Brunch 6

Brunch 7

Brunch 9

Brunch 8

And that wraps up Sunday Funday! We loved having Emily around and will be very sad to say goodbye to her tonight! But, luckily for me, I will see her in three weeks…yay!