Sunday Funday

After one of the most delicious Sunday brunches, Allie and I headed over to Underwood Family Farms!

There is a little shop at the front of the farm with all of their homegrown fruits and vegetables that you can buy. Or if you would rather pick your own…you can do that too! We chose to pick our own because well, it is way more fun that way!

Farm 1

Farm 2

Farm 3

Farm 5

Farm 4

Farm 6

^^A cow stamp was our ticket inside…how cute is that?!

Before heading out to the fields, we stopped to say “hi” to lots of cute animals!

Farm 8

^^Poor Allie just missed the cut off!

Farm 12

^^Meet Steve and Irwin!

Farm 11

Farm 13

Farm 14

Farm 10

Farm 15

Farm 16

^^These chicks and this baby sheep were my favorites!

And then we began picking our own strawberries! Fresh fruit is one of my favorite things to eat. And I have become more appreciative of fresh food since coming to college. (At school, I swear they put sugar on or something on the fruit served.) So, I was so excited for our Sunday Funday adventure to pick the freshest of the fruit…straight from the farm! And, boy, were those strawberries yummy!

Farm 17

Farm 18

Farm 19

Farm 20

Farm 21

Farm 22

Farm 23


  1. Ohhh I’ve never heard of this place, but have to check it out! I love berry, etc. picking!

  2. Fun! Caroline, you’re the only person I know who would go berry picking in a beautiful skirt! :) Love you for being you!

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