Sunday Funday

Even though it was the Sunday before finals week, I did not want to spend my last Sunday Funday with Allie cooped up in my room studying my brains out. So, we came up with a much better idea. We decided I could study my brains out at the beach! And we brought Hannah along with us. (We missed Natalie – she had lots of work to catch up on).

We started off the afternoon at our favorite sandwich place!

Finals Beach Day 1

Finals Beach Day 2

Finals Beach Day 3

^^Hannah and I both had this delicious barbecue pulled pork with coleslaw sandwich

Finals Beach Day 4

^^And Allie had the Roast Turkey, with cranberries and mixed greens…so yummy (I had a bite)!

Then, we headed to the beach! And studying for finals on the beach does make the studying a bit more enjoyable…I thought it was impossible to make studying for finals better in any way.

Finals Beach Day 5

And finally, we rewarded ourselves for studying hard with some frozen yogurt!

Finals Beach Day 6

Finals Beach Day 7

I can’t believe the year is really coming to an end. And I really am going to miss Sunday Fundays with Allie! Sundays won’t be the same without her.


  1. One word…YUM!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck on finals!! xo

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