Same Page Monday

1.  Broncos lost.

2.  My TV froze on this commercial for the last 10 minutes of the second quarter, the whole half time show, then the first half of the third quarter and all those commercials in between.  Luckily, Home Alone was on TBS.  I heard I didn’t miss much.

TV Froze during superbowl

3.  People on Twitter were pretty funny during the game last night!  It was a little bit more entertaining than the actual game.  Aziz Ansari was probably my favorite.  He was tweeting as if Friday Night Lights was in the Super Bowl.  His knowledge of the show is unreal.


4.  I heard Bruno Mars sent a text to Peyton after the game saying,  “It’s ok, Peyton.  You are amazing… just the way you are!”  JK.  Lame joke.

5.  I went to a Lakers Game on Friday and ate sushi while watching the game.  It was so LA.


6.  Paula Dean Magazine named (my favorite breakfast place on Nantucket) The Downeyflake one of the Top 10 Pancakes in America!!! OHHHH YEAAAHHHH!! The Blueberry Pancakes really are amazing.  Ohhh, I want some right now.  Her magazine is still a credible source, right?!


7.  There was a monkey in my coffee yesterday morning.  Does anyone else see it?  Or am I crazy?


7. I had an actual freak out the other day about how I am turning 27 in 2 months.  Scary.

8.  I  am really sad about Philip Seymour Hoffman.  I hate that his craft of acting that he adored so much was what drove him to a horrible place.  In interviews he would talk about how absolutely torturous it was for him to be great.  (Everyone: Read this interview if you want more insight into his creative world.)  Every role you watch him in you can see the creative genius at work.  I think he was divinely inspired in each of his roles.  It reminds me of the Ted Talk on Creative Genius.  I know Caroline shared this on her blog before, but it is a great one to watch, especially, if you are in a creative industry.  I’ll leave you with this…