My Dog Simba

Growing up, I didn’t have a pet.  The only pet I had was a stuffed one named Mutzy and I loved him!

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I didn’t have a pet because my mom was concerned about having an animal in her house.  (I was so deprived – Just kidding Mommy!)  I definitely inherited some fussiness from my mother.  I like things clean and organized that’s for sure. I didn’t ever think I could have a pet for the same reasons my mom didn’t let me have one!   However, 4 years ago I met a dog named Chandler.  He was an 8 year old shih-tzu who was the cutest and nicest dog ever!  Within 3 months of meeting Chandler, we made the quick decision to get our own shih-tzu puppy!

So, meet my dog Simba!


(This was taken the first day we got him 4 years ago! I immediately fell in love.)

We named him “Simba” because Shih-tzu means “Lion Dog” in Chinese and also because back in the day, shih-tzus were dogs bred for royalty; they warmed the feet of the Chinese Emperors.




Simba was so small when we first got him that he fit into a Build – A – Bear sweatshirt.  (I was THAT person who dressed my dog!) Ha Ha!


Here is a funny story about me and Simba!  James and I didn’t sleep much when we first got Simba.  I didn’t realize it was kind of like having a baby in some ways!  So, I would like to preface this story with: I was very over-tired.  Anyway, Simba was a very rambunctious puppy, which surprised us since shih-tzus are usually low maintenance.  (He was a 90 lb black lab in an 8 lb white shih tzu’s body!)  He was always growling and biting.  James, having had multiple pets growing up, said that this was normal for a puppy. However, my friend told me that a shih-tzu actually bit her when she was younger and she had to have her lip repaired. I freaked out and started searching the internet to see if we just got a breed that was known for biting people.  Later that night, my husband was looking at the computer and for some reason clicked on my internet history. He looked at me and said, “Ummm did you google “Killer Attack shih-tzu” earlier today?”  I slowly responded, “Yes. Yes I did…”


I am a little eccentric and dramatic, I know!  It turned out that the dog wasn’t even a shih-tzu that bit her!

There were a lot of things I didn’t know about having a dog.  Maybe you dog-lovers will appreciate them!

1.  I didn’t know I would talk to my dog like he was a person.  The funny thing is I actually think he understands everything I am saying.  He tilts his head like he’s listening and going to respond.

2.  I didn’t know I would like the smell of my dog even when he doesn’t smell that good.

3.  I didn’t know dogs can get mad  at you and ignore you.

4.  I didn’t know how much I stuck to a certain a routine every day until I had a dog.  He knows my routine better than I do.

5.  I didn’t know how manipulative dogs can be to get what they want.

6.  I didn’t know I would scold my dog like he was my firstborn.

7.  I didn’t know dogs can tell when you are sad and cheer you up!

8.  I didn’t know I would have multiple nicknames for my dog.  Simba’s include Smushy, Bugs A Million, Murph, Moby and Catherine Zeta (Don’t ask about any of these!)   I think he has an identity crisis because we call him so many different names!

9.  I didn’t know how easy it was to teach dogs tricks.  Simba learned a whole bunch of tricks in just one day and still remembers them now!

10.  I didn’t know how attached I would get to a dog!  He was there during all my wedding planning breakdowns.  (Now if that isn’t man’s best friend, I don’t know who is! :)

Simba is almost 4 years old now and I could not imagine my life without him!



See you on Tuesdays!