Movie Monday*: The Hundred Foot Journey

I am back in LA and this LA girl is here to bring you a movie review!  So LA… I know.  I love going to the movies, catching all the trailers, eating a big thing of popcorn and watching a movie on the big screen!  Except I can’t eat popcorn anymore because I am not allowed to have corn (according to this blood type diet that I am kinda on)… So LA… I know.

Anyways, I have been looking forward to seeing The Hundred Foot Journey ever since I saw the trailer for it last month.  I am a sucker for gorgeous films about culture and food… The Exotic Marigold Hotel, Julie & Julia, Eat, Pray, Love and of course, Chocolat (I watch it every year around Easter).  And the director who brought you Chocolat is now bringing you… The Hundred Foot Journey.  And he did not disappoint!


The Hundred Foot Journey is about family, bravery, love, passion, acceptance, understanding, taking a risk, overcoming obstacles, following your bliss, thinking outside of the box and opening your heart and mind to things that are different and when things don’t turn out how you planned them to go.

I loved this movie.  I laughed.  I cried.  It made me think about life.  It made me feel hopeful.  And it made me hungry.


Here’s the trailer…









This movie made me think about the story of the Fisherman and the Businessman.  The first time I heard this story was in Tom Shadyac’s class at Pepperdine and then I heard again last week from my Uber driver.  (His was a little bit different… I got the Russian version from him. Something about a guy sitting under a tree smoking and drinking vodka.)  Anyways, go see the movie and then watch this. Or watch this and then go see the movie.  (Click here to watch!)  And I am sharing this story as a reminder to stay mindful of your life and to make sure you check in with yourself to make sure that you are happy!  If I took this quite literally, I would be moving to Nantucket right now… but I have some dreams I have to chase first.

There are soooooo many good movies coming out in the next few months and towards the end of the year!  Expect a lot more of these Movie Mondays!


* Sometimes I don’t have that much to bring you up to date on, so instead of sharing a lame Same Page Monday, I have decided to come up with all these different Monday things.  Movie Mondays, Memory Mondays (like Throwback Thursday but on Monday) and well those are the only two I have come up with… Get excited.

Photo Credit: IMDB – Photo by Francois Duhamel – © DreamWorks II Distribution Co., LLC.