Thank you for thanking me

Happy Tuesday!

Thanksgiving is next week so I thought it was the perfect time to blog about the proper protocol for thanking people.

I guess I should say it’s MY proper protocol because most of you will find this ridiculous. :)

Imagine someone is browsing the Milly & Grace Online Boutique and decides to purchase a gift for you.


You get one of our lovely items in the mail and you are ecstatic!  You immediately rush to the Milly & Grace online boutique to purchase these cards to write a thank you note! (Please forgive the intentional Milly & Grace product placement.)


You send out the thank you note and you wait… and you wait…  You don’t hear anything back… Did they receive the note?  Do they know how thankful you were for the gifts?  How will you ever know?  You go crazy thinking about this…

Well, Hallmark has got nothing on me because I came up with “Thank you for Thanking Me” Cards!


Let me give you the back story of how this concept came about…

While James and I were planning our wedding, I wrote out so many thank you cards to our loved ones.  I would constantly ask my friends and family, “Hey, did you get my thank you card?”  They would say “Yup! Ummm thanks?”

I told my friends that I feel people should acknowledge when someone sends them a thank you note.  One of my friends asked, ” So, wait, you expect a “Thank you” for thanking me!

I said, “Not necessarily a thank you for thanking me, but at least a “Hey! I got your thank you card!”

She said, “But where does it stop?  Then do you have to send a “Thank you” for “Thanking me” for “Thanking you” card!

After this conversation, my friend gifted me with custom “Thank you for thanking me” cards!

Then I sent her a thank you card for this thoughtful gift.  Then she sent me a “Thank you for thanking me” card! I believe we kept this going for about 6 times, meaning I wrote a “Thank you for thanking me for thanking you for thanking me for thanking you for thanking me for thanking you for thanking me, etc” card before we finally stopped the back and forth!

It was very humorous to us, but also I was very happy the “Thank-yous” were being acknowledged!

In conclusion, this Holiday season, remember to “Thank everybody who thanks you!

The world will be a much happier place! ;)


So, the next time you buy something at Milly & Grace , just write, “Thank you” in the notes section of your order and I will send you a “Thank you for thanking me” card with your item!  How is that for customer service! ;)

See you on Tuesdays!


  1. You know (obvious Wi accent) Tim, the world is a much happier place just because of you and your lovely posts. I recently received a Thanksgiving card with a thank you note from a friend. It was so sweet. I wasn’t sure if I should acknowledge a card but since reading your post, I did just that. I may not send a thank you card to someone for their card (although it’s so sweet that you do), but a phone call or e-mail might be nice too. So thank you Tim for reminding me to thank someone for their thoughtful thank you card. Hugs, Nancy

  2. Tim….only you! I love it! Miss you!

  3. Hi Tim!!
    I LOVE reading your blog, and I just had to comment…I think that fewer and fewer people send written notes of any kind, and it is something I love to do…it totally means so much to get a hand written note in the mail! So I fully support the idea of the “thank you for thanking me” card!!! LOL!!

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