The Milly & Grace Girls Blog Is Finally Here!

Remember when Emily posted this picture a couple months ago and hinted that a project was in the works??

Milly & Grace Girlsedited

Well, the day has finally come to share our big news…we are officially launching THE MILLY & GRACE GIRLS BLOG!

We have decided to join Caroline’s blog “It All Ties Together” and Allison’s blog “Through Struggles to the Stars” AND add one new writer, our sister, Emily!

Our amazingly talented (and very patient) cousin, Shannon, designed our new blog! We are so thankful and grateful for all the work she has put into all of our ventures.  We love you Shan!

We have loaded all of Caroline’s and Allie’s previous posts onto this new blog so now you only have to look in one place.

And now from the famous words of our soul sisters, the Pointer Sisters…sing it with us now…

Milly & Grace Girls 1edited

“I’m so excited!”

Milly & Grace Girls 2edited

“I just can’t hide it!”

Milly & Grace Girls 3edited

“I’m about to lose control…”

Emily and Caroline

“And I think I like it!”

Milly & Grace Girls 4edited

Welcome to our new blog! We have had so much fun putting it together and we hope you enjoy hanging out with us!


Emily, Allison, and Caroline


  1. okay, you are all officially THE CUTEST! congrats! xo

  2. Looks cute girls! Excited for you

  3. You guys are amazing! So proud of each of you.

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