The Nantucket Girl – Maybeth

I am constantly asked, “What is it like to live on Nantucket year-round?”  Well, I decided to answer this question in a series of blog posts called, “The Nantucket Girl.”  Every few weeks, I will feature a friend who calls this beautiful island home.  She will share with you some of her favorite things about Nantucket and also her favorite picks at Milly & Grace!  I hope this will give everyone a glimpse of what it’s like to be a girl living 30 miles out to sea.

So, I present to you.. NantucketgirllogoMeet  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Maybeth Soverino


Tell us a little about yourself: A true townie (13th generation Nantucket), lover of the finer things in life. Has a serious case of wanderlust. A mild obsession Ina Garten. Dream of attending pastry school in Paris. Devoted sister and friend. Believer in love!

How long have you called Nantucket home?: I was blessed to grow up on this little slice of heaven and graduated from high school here in 1997. After college, I moved to Boston where I lived until last June. It’s officially my one-year anniversary with this little island. I guess we are in a serious relationship now ;)

What do you do in Nantucket?: A little of this… a little of that! I work at the Nantucket Looms as a shop girl/social media girl. In addition, I work as a catering manager at Simply with Style Catering. Oh and in my spare time, I try to maintain my blog… A Day with May.

Hobbies:  I really will try anything once but my favorite past times include curling up with a good book and a cup of peppermint tea, exploring places near and far, trying out a new recipe, entertaining my dear friends, shopping (it’s my cardio), PINTEREST

Guilty Pleasure:  Dark chocolate

Favorite Blogger:  The sisters (Sally and Molly) behind A Piece of Toast.

Favorite Quote: “Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper than never tires, and a touch that never hurts.”  Charles Dickens

Tell us about your life on Nantucket:  I left a hectic and stressful job in Boston to return to my roots and focus on the important things in life. One of four girls, I am blessed to have my sisters a short car ride away and get to spend some quality time with two of my most favorite people, Tucker and Casey, my beloved nephews. What I love most about this little island is the sense of community. I love walking down the street and knowing almost everyone and being able to share in the creativity this place nurtures. I also love the landscape of this island. One of my favorite spots to walk is out in Squam Swamp. Almost feels like you aren’t on an island out there.

Favorite time of year:  September and October

What’s your perfect day on Nantucket?: Morning walk on the beach, followed by breakfast at Black Eyed Susan’s (Thai scramble, of course). Stroll through town to check out the shops. Run home and grab my swimsuit, call in a sandwich order to Something Natural and make my way to my favorite beach spot with cadima and InStyle in the beach bag and wrap up the night with a Grey lady, the sunset and fish tacos at Millies.

Favorite (Nantucket): 

Shops:  Milly & Grace and Nantucket Looms (of course). The Lovely, Parchment, Coastal, Atlantic, Bodega

Restaurants:  Boarding House, American Seasons, Millie’s, Black Eyed’s, Slip 14… let’s be honest, there isn’t a restaurant I don’t love on this island!

Beach:  Dune D and my hidden spot somewhere between Cisco and Madaket ;)

Nantucket Event: Nantucket Film Festival

Tell us an interesting fact about living on Nantucket:  Rumor has it that Frederick Douglas stayed in my Great Grandmother’s house on Fair Street.

What’s the hardest part about living on Nantucket?:  The best and hardest part about living on this island is its quaintness. Somedays, I just like to get lost in the shuffle and that is hard to do here.

Tell us something others may not know about this little island:  Hmmm…. Need to think about this one. Perhaps that we really do have a high school here ;)

Top Picks at Milly & Grace

Day Look

Maybeth is ready for a brunch, a shopping day or a beach picnic in this beautiful Splendid Floral Maxi Dress!


Night Look

and she is ready to paint the town navy blue in this Parker Beaded Strappy Dress!


Home Décor 

Lastly, she always tells her nephews that she loves them “To the Moon & Back!” so she adores this small wooden art print sold on our online store!

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 2.22.12 PM

Thank you Maybeth for being our very first Nantucket Girl!


  1. She is so cute! Love this new series and love her pick for the night look.

  2. I love this new series, too! And it’s so nice to get to know a bit more about Maybeth! I just might have to check out Squam Swamp!

  3. auntie joanie :

    Yes in deed , really enjoyed reading and getting to know a bit about Maybeth and her experiences on Nantucket. What a great idea. Looking forward to trying some of her fun places when I come for a visit. Very nice attire from the sweetest store ever.

  4. This is very interesting. I’m just “looking around” online and started reading.


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