The Nantucket Girl – Zofia

I am constantly asked, “What is it like to live on Nantucket year-round?”  Well, I decided to answer this question in a series of blog posts called, “The Nantucket Girl.”  Every few weeks, I will feature a friend who calls this beautiful island home.  She will share with you some of her favorite things about Nantucket and also her favorite picks at Milly & Grace!  I hope this will give everyone a glimpse of what it’s like to be a girl living 30 miles out to sea.

So, I present to you..


Meet our Second Nantucket Girl:  Zofia Crosby­­­­­­

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 11.24.15 AM

Tell us a little about yourself: I’m Mark’s wife, Ava and Vivian’s mom and the owner of Zofia & Co. Photography

How long have you called Nantucket home?: I first came here in 2001, but have been year round since 2005

What do you do in Nantucket?:  I run a busy photography business with my husband, I play at the beach, I eat it up.

Relationship Status: married to a handsome Brit.

Hobbies:  I like to read and learn, I also probably spend more time doing photography than I should.

Guilty Pleasure:  Where to start? All the insane fine dining we have here. And the Juice Bar.

Favorite Blogger:

Favorite Quote: Ferris Bueller – Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Tell us about your life on Nantucket:  I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Winters are quiet, and allow you to refocus. The summers are just amazing. I love our beaches. It’s just so great to live somewhere that you feel safe, at peace, that’s pretty, that has wonderful people, and that supports you. My kids don’t even know how lucky they are!

Favorite time of year:  Shoulder seasons are just perfect. Not too many people are here yet, the weather is nice. In the spring, there’s that anticipation of summer. And in the fall, we finally get to relax from a busy season.

What’s your perfect day on Nantucket?:  A quiet Sunday, no wind, in the mid 70s, brunch then ice cream, lying on the beach for hours and ending it with a bbq on the shore. Perfection.


Shops:  Milly and Grace, Vis a Vis, Current Vintage, and Bookworks

Restaurants:  So many. The Pearl tops it though.

Beach:  I’ll never tell. ;)

Nantucket Event:  Probably Daffodil Festival, or Stroll, or Film Fest… or Pops. So many!

Tell us an interesting fact about living on Nantucket:  We run on island time. Things tend to be slower here, in a good way. It keeps you grounded.

What’s the hardest part about living on Nantucket?:  Getting stuck on either side when you’re traveling in bad weather. Having an extra step to fly out anywhere.

Tell us something others may not know about this little island : We have a festival for just about anything. Film, comedy, wine, yoga, birding, daffodils, books, arts, cranberries, etc. And they’re a lot of fun.

Picks @ Milly & Grace

Day Look

Zofia likes to be comfortable, and she is stunning in this multi-colored Maxi perfect for a relaxing day around the island with her family!


Night Look

With two little girls at home and her own business, nights out are few and far between, but she would add some sparkle to a Nantucket night with this Sequin Parker dress.


And she loves these Gillian Julius bracelets available on our online boutique. Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 1.46.27 PM

Thanks Zofia for being our second Nantucket Girl!  You are just as beautiful in front of the camera as you are behind it!

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