The Real LA Experience

My cousin arrives in 4 hours.

I have been thinking a lot about making sure she gets the “The Real LA Experience” while she is here.  I really want to make it special.

So first, I think we will start off with sitting in traffic on the 405.


Next, I think I will take her to Sprinkles Cupcakes/ATM/Sprinkles Ice Cream.  A LA must.


This will be the last solid food we will eat because I will be putting her and myself on 3 day juice cleanse in the morning.

Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are a way of life here.  (I actually have never done one but have definitely toyed with the idea.)

I wonder if stand still, horrible traffic is the cause of LA road rage or if the juice cleanses are to blame.

Next we will hike Runyon Canyon.  This is where LA people go to workout/see and be seen/take their rescue dogs for exercise…

Runyon 2

And for sure we won’t miss the Farmer’s Market on Sunday.  This is where everyone goes to stock up on fresh, organic veggies for their raw diets for the coming week.

Farmers Market

Ok, that is all I have planned as of right now but I will keep you all posted!


  1. Too funny! I’m sure you two will have a blast whatever you do!

  2. I love it! So true!

  3. auntie joanie :


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